I Debbie...
2008-05-29 13:22:40 (UTC)

What I Hate About You

There are a thousand things I could pick apart about you my
idiotic, assonine, unsupportive, uncommunicative, lazy,
can't speak up for yourself to your parents, stick in the
mud on the weekends, doesn't take initiative with the
apartment but wants to somehow get a house, wastes money on
food you never eat, bozo.

But today I want to center all my aggressive hostile
emotion that is errrupting out of me like a volcano that
has been building since the dawn of man on your ill advised
and really ridiculous passion, ...storm chasing.

I don't get this thing that has your potentially small and
hidden intelligence glummed over so bad that all you have
to do is see or hear "Moderate or High Risk" and you go
half cocked to anywhere USA despite the littlest bit of
caution or care especially that the cost of gas has hit
near $4 a gallon. Why should it you say. Well becasue you
ass we have other things we should be doing with that
money. Screw the fact that we do have that money in the
bank account and I saved for iut. That's right I saved for
it. Not you ; not we got a refund back from our medical
reimbursement and can use it because the check came to me
and my selfish needs, oh that's right that's what you used
for the last little outing where you only saw something on
the first day and whiffed the other three days. This is the
actual money i put aside because you don't have the traits
listed above to actually do it yourself. And even if we
had all the money in the world I still would hate the fact
that this was your passion. I don't get it and all its
fascinating power over you. And I hate all it represents
and all the friends you have with it. I hate Jeff
especially with his big words and even bigger ego. I hate
hate hate hate hate hate Jeff. Pam was so right to leave
and take everything from him. No wonder she turned to other
things to fill up her time when he would leave for days on

I have got to find a way to have a hobby or something to
give me the same type of purpose that he has with his
stupid passion. Maybe I will start fighting so hard against
it when he does go out to chase these storms. Part of the
problem with today is he has my debit cars and the car. So
what the fuck am I supposed to do. Even if there was
something really cool how would i get there ???

Have At It,

I Debbie