Bruce Wayne

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2008-05-23 03:10:53 (UTC)

Self R-E-S-P-E-C-T

So my wife is in Vegas with her friend who I like and
respect and trust. But she's also there with people she
used to work with , among them ...Wayne. He of the New
Years 3:00 AM text message,...of the 11:30 phone calls
when I'm on the road.

Do I confront her about him Do I hire a PI to
dig around...maybe. Do I just call it quits?

I made a committment to her and to Kyle. I feel like I've
done all I need to do for Kyle. He and I went out to
dinner last night and had about the nicest time we've ever
had. I have my own relationship with him...seperate from
her. It was nteresting talking to him about the motorcycle
thing. He expressed concern about her drinking and riding
it. Can't wait to share that with her.

I wonder about the committment, Both mine and hers. Why do
I stay? Why is she staying. Security, committment,
insecurity, entrapment.

Be's time to stop this nonsense. Th e
wondering the worying the fear. Be who you are. You are
larger than life when you are right...when you want to
be ..when you are "feeling it".

You're alright, you have always been alright, you will
always be alrght.

It is her privelege to be with you. You make the "team" a
team. You are all about EPIC and BOMBAST. Stay vital and
vibrant. Feel your grit, your sand. You are resiliant and
tenacious...Be extraordinary, do not wilt, do not feel
sorry for yourself, Stiffen your spine, be the stuff of

When the path clears, be resolute and walk with purpose.

It may be time to reassess if she deserves you

Time to lookin the mirror and decide. Does she want it? Is
she committed? Is it reciprocal? doesn't feel
reciprocal, she doesn't seem all that committed.

Heres the problem, If I decide I'm done there is no half
way. It's all or nothing and my back will stay turned. How
did I become the villian to her...or did I? Did she get
all she needed out of me and now she needs another bottle
of something else.

I deserve the truth , I deserve her best, I don't deserve
her resentment.

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