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2008-05-21 21:34:37 (UTC)

On it again

Briefly - just come back home now, and realised that that
same stench of crack is coming from the druggies room
AGAIN. just looked underneath her door to find (once
again), that she's stuffed bed sheets underneath there...

Last nite she asked me to look online for flights to new
york for her... and i was like (deliberately - coz i know
how she hates looking 'inexperienced'
and 'unknowledgeable') "awww (really condecendingly) it'll
your first time in america!" and she looked at me, as if
searching my face to see if i was being bitchy, and she
said (realluncomfortably, and hesitant) "well, yeh -
kinda..." and i was like "aww, how nice" and she
said "well i've been to puerto rico before..." and walked
away all embarrassed whilst mumbling some bullocks. HA.

had a lovely din din at yo sushi today lol. i will now
list my lil' pig-out as it cost me a bloody fortune!
well...it would have done, if sera wasnt there ....;)
1. starters - salmon maki
2. i had a yo! roll, my fave!
3. chicken katsu
4. masago
5. avocado maki
6. veg.fire cracker rice
7. crunchy tofu
8. ANOTHER yo! roll.

YEAH baby! and the best part is i only paid a fiver! this
meal should have cost me - (without my staff disc.) -
about 15 quid.

haha. hope noone from yo! sees this man.

the best thing happened to me the other day - i needed to
top up the elec. key and had no cash. but this guy in his
shop did it for me for free, and asked me to come pay him
back whenever !! tell me i haven got angels watchin me!!
it was my last resort too, every other store either didnt
do elec. key top ups, or did, but didnt take card. so i
was pretty stranded. praise god.