The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2008-05-21 02:30:56 (UTC)

It's been a Very Long Time !

Well i kno i been writing in you for some quite time.
Although I havent wrote in you in a very long time, it's
still amazing how i remember the passsword. These days im
just chyllen blazing rockin out if u kno what i mean... My
life has changed so much over the years! I dont even know
where to begin! Well lets just start by saying thati
probly dont chyll with anyone that i have mentioned in
this diary before.. Oh, maybe just Christine and Gina
lol.. My current friends at this moment are, wait did i
say friends ?? LoL I mean friend! the onlii person I
really chyll with these days is ma nigga Dan..

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