Bruce Wayne

2008-05-20 21:52:44 (UTC)

Writing on the wall

So here I sit in Rochester on a business trip. Shes at
home readying herself to go to Vegas with JoAnne and my
phone rings. She's calling to tell me she's decided to get
her clit pierced. When this topic came up a week ago I
told her that I already had enough metal for my mouth to
deal with there. I said it in such a way that there was no
mistaking my displeasure at the idea and we had just had
the conversation about her previous vaginal piercing. This
is about the most complete "fuck you" she could have

I'm saddened that she's decided to do this despite the way
I feel about it but I can't imagine a clearer message
being sent to me. I can't get her to speak the words to me
but they say that actions are louder.

I went with her to meet Ron and Tina so she could try out
Tina's Bike. She knows how I feel about this but I put on
the happy face and went. That wasn't enough...she wants me
to be excited about it. Can't you be satisfied that I
went, put on the happy face and just get the fucking bike.
At some point she said that she doesn't want me to dampen
her excitement about the bike. I nearly vommited...she
clearly doesn't remember the selfish/jealous reaction to
me getting the Z...which at some point she encouraged me
to do.

Now Kyle's decided to get his Motorcycle license and she's
co-signing on the purchase of a bike under the guise that
it'll help him build credit. He's going to kill himself on
that ...she knows it but is affraid to look like a
hypocrit and not help him get the bike. I can't get over
the heap of bad decisions she's turned into.

I continue to answer my own questions...