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2008-05-19 23:48:53 (UTC)


just for the record - and why this is the last bloody
straw with that dick head named luke - i was gracious
enough to text him on saturday afternoon, inviting him to
come and dine with me, joe and 'a few other people' at
piccadily and the bastard didnt reply!! fancy that!

It means 3 things:

1. He's changed his number
2. He wasn't interested in me full stop
3. He forgot to reply


4. He's just an obnoxious prick. well its definitely cold
shoulders the next time we cross paths. Dick wad.

God, will i ever learn? funny thing is i knew there was a
good chance that something like this would be the case,
and i still foolishly went ahead and did it. I knew it
would happen - but that glimmer of hope that had been
built over the past couple of weeks had gained enough
strength to give me the courage to do it. - Bloody hope.
I hope he's happy as he buggers off to UCL.

Sour grapes, i know. but what the hell..