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2008-05-18 21:23:23 (UTC)

tuesday 13th of may to sunday 18th of may

Ok, heres how it goes:

1. Wednesday 15th may - found 'stuff' (paraphernalia,
specifically for C and H and C.C) in her drawers when she
was at work.

2. Thursday afternoon - looked in the same place and found
that the bag had been removed from the drawers. they
werent there anymore - but found my mederma and teeth
whitening kit which i ordered from ebay before easter and
which she said did not arrive, when i asked her. (!!)
bloody thief!

3. Thursday evening - she came home from work, and usually
we'll chat. but this time, after going to the loo she went
straiht into her room and didnt come out - then i began
hearing the sounds of foil paper rustling. (the same foil
obviously that i found in her drawer the previous day) -
then i began smelling that same smell of smoke, very
potent, that i ALWAYS smell that doesnt smell like
cigarettes but like smoke!! and for the past 8 months
living there i'd been smelling it but my mind just never
dared attribute it to what i've found out it actually is.
the same with her behavioural patterns - like the way
she'll disappear into her room for days in a row, hardly
eat, and only come out to use the loo. I mean now i think
like "HELLO!!" come on! these are so clearly the traits of
a user.
Also, when i asked her if she wanted to go jogging with me
(i knew she'd say no coz obviously she was having her own
fun in there and i asked anyways) she said "no, im lying
down. have fun" and kind of chuckled. (pretending to
obviously) gosh i'll bet she felt relief when i closed the
front door. when i returned from joggin the whole house
stank of air freshener but regardless, i could still smell
the stuff i was smelling before i left. not smoke,
something else - very strong.

4. Friday - she didnt go to work, obviously coz she was
too hammered to. But about 6 in the mornin she was up and
when she popped out briefly, i went in her room and looked
about but i realised her absence was only temporary coz
her bag was still there. then i left. But around about
9am, i heard her giving some1 directions to the house.
then she ended the convo with "okay, i'll meet you by the
bus stop" and she left the house again. I thought she'd
bring someone home but about literally 5 mins later she
was back (thank goodness i didnt go in her room) and she
went inside her room and I then what she had done - she
had just met with her dealer, because when you give some1
directions to your place, its so that they can come over,
you dont meet them for 5 mins and then go. and not beside
a bus stop anyways. (when i realised, i really wished i
had taken pictures man! that would have been proper)
then she came out to use the loo and i opened my room door
and made as if i wanted to go use the loo to (i just
wanted to catch a glimpse of her face) and when i went to
the loo door, i saw her face and she wouldnt look at me -
now i know why all those times, she wouldnt look at me -
like always had her face/back turned even when she was
giving me a reply - everything is making more sense now
and explaining itself. then I asked her "are you alrite?
and she said "yea" again without looking at me, and i
turned my back and watched her as she entered her room,
and she looked kinda pale and disorientated. plus she
wasnt wearing a bra, and was wearing loose clothing. she
sort of half fiddled with her room door handle, then she
looked at me from the corner of her eye (i think she
wanted me to disapper first before opening her room) but i
still stood there watching her and she opened her door
slightly and i saw those yellow boxes of her bed (the same
ones i saw behind her couch but didnt bother opening cos i
thought it was just the same old hair stuff - [i really
wish i had now] then it was that again. she shut the door.
i bent down and tried to peek through the gap underneath
her room door and i saw that she'd stuffed the gap with
sheets!! OMG - she's 100% using man!

5. saturday - she didnt get up for church then in the
mornin i was smelling the smell again. fresh. we didnt
speak at all and she was clearly trying to avoid me: like
only going to the kitchen whenever i was in the toilet (i
thinks she clocked that i was trying to get a good look at
her..) and she wouldnt let me. But when she was finally
ready, (which was around 7.30 when i was getting ready to
go out, she knocked on my room door and said "amaka, will
you top of the electricity key coz its about to cut off -
and your dad told me he gave you some money" and i was
like i can't coz i have no money then we got into this
argument (well she was doing the arguing) about how 'she
cant pay for everything in the house and "frankly i dont
see why should" then "its only £6 amaka, £6" i told her i
have about 6 pounds in my account that i'll do it when my
parents send me some money, and she said fine, well use
the 6 pounds and top it up, and then "when your parents
send you some money you'll have some money then. - how
selfish! and i was like i cant, and she said "on principle
i wont top up the key!" like actually arguing, "ive just
paid in about 500 pounds worth of bills this morning!"
then i asked her when she spoke to my dad and she said "i
dont know i cant remember - the last time i spoke with
him" but she previously said 'last week' so i latched onto
that and said "ok, you spoke to him last week, then i'll
ask him then.." then i went to try to top it up, and when
i came back i told her i cant withdraw any money (i knew
anyways) and she said well the machine wont let you take
out anything below ten to go into CO-OP and do it there.
then i said that its not even 6 pounds in my account, and
that i promise i'll pay her back for it and she got
angrier and said "you dont have to pay me back! i'm not a
child, i wont aske you to pay me back" and i said "you
dont have to ask, i will pay u back." and she said blah
blah blah, " you do what you think is right, but dont you
dare insult me by paying me back!" then i told her i'm
going out to my mates house, i'll be back tonight but i'll
txt you if not..." and immediately she said, "ok will you
leave the laptop on?" (whilst looking downwards of course -
the dirty skank! taking advantage of the situation eh?
she knows i'd be feeling in debt to her somehow and so
would obviously say yes, easily. and she didnt feel funny
about askin either.)

7. Early hours of sunday morning - i came home around 5,
and she had the chain on the door. i knock and she came
out almost immediately. huh. i guess speaking to my daddy
works wonders. the bitch. its coz she doesnt want him on
her case. but he'll be all over her like a rash very soon,
i sure. so will her parents.
As i walked in said "thank you" and she gave no reply, but
said "i didnt think you were coming back tonight" then
with her back turned still, she asked "did yo go
clubbing?" (obviously to see if i spent any money that i'd
said i didnt have) and i replied "no we didnt go clubbing -
i couldnt anyway" and said "oh" before closing her door
behind her, and her back still turned. Absolute friggin