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Johnny Test:Transformation (3,689 wds.)

Susan and Mary Test stood just inside their gate waiting.
Gil would be home from basketball practice any minute now,
and they knew that if he just noticed them once, he would
see they were perfect for each other.

Gil came thrashing over the hill on his skateboard right
past the twins.
“Hi Gil.” They said in unison to deaf ears as the object
the affection boarded past them stopping before their
younger brother, Johnny.

“Yo, Johnny-Bro, wassup?” he said.

“Yo, Gil.” Johnny replied, “Not much, just heading down to
the park for some skating.”

“Chill a sec, and I’ll stow my gear and join you.” And as
the two friends headed out to the park, Mary and Susan
sighed and went back into the house.

After dinner Mary and Susan cornered Johnny in his room.

“How come Gil never notices us, and yet he always hangs
around with you?” Susan said.
“Yeah, “Mary added, “What makes you so special?”

“Girls, girls,” Johnny smiled, “Gil doesn’t notice you,
because you don’t look or act like girls. You act like
teachers. Kids don’t like teachers.”

“We like teachers.” The girls said together.

“NORMAL kids, don’t like teachers. You need to be more
like girls guys like to go out with. Lose the lab coats,
fix your hair, dress in something with style.”

“How do you know all this?” Mary asked.

“Yeah, you don’t even like girls, how do you know what
look like?” Susan added.

“Just because I don’t go ga-ga over girls, doesn’t mean I
don’t notice what other people look at, and Gil, does not
look at YOU, but I have seen who he DOES look at.”

“Show us!” they said.

The three made their way to the lab in the basement. Once
in, the accessed the computer and surfed the web for
fashion tips. Each outfit that flashed across the screen
that Johnny assented to they saved. Once they decided
had enough images they ran them through their holographic
imager, creating three dimensional images of the outfits.

Susan decided to try it first, and standing on the imaging
pad, Mary called up one outfit that was super-imposed on
her sister.

“How do I look?” she asked.

“Terrible.” Johnny and Mary said in unison. “Our lab coats
are interfering with the imager. All I see is a multi-
coloured pattern over the coat.” Mary continued.

“What do we do?” She cried.

“Take your clothes off.” Johnny said.

“What?” The girls shrieked.

“You are looking at tight fitting clothes. You put that
over baggy clothes and you can’t see anything. Take your
clothes off and the outfits will look better.”

“You want us to stand naked with you in the room?”

“Look, I am not crazy about the situation either, but A:
You are my sisters, B: I don’t care about seeing naked
girls, and C: you still need my opinion anyway, so really,
the choice is up to you.”

The two girls looked at each other and said, “He has a
point.” Then, turning to Johnny, said, “O.K.”

Susan hung her lab coat on the back of a chair and pulled
her sweater over her head, letting her long red locks flow
down over her back. She undid the back clasp of her
utilitarian bra and dropped it to the ground, her pert
breasts erect in the cold lab. She then slid out of her
pants and stood on the platform in her bra and panties and
waited for Mary.

Mary started the projector again and Susan’s pale body was
instantly wrapped in a tie-dyed tank top and sparkle jeans.

“You can’t pull that off.” Johnny said.

Mary turned the dial and Susan was dressed in a grunge
baggy pants, cropped T and suspenders.

“Now that looks good for you.” Johnny said, and Mary

“Me next.” Mary said as Susan stepped out of the hologram,
leaving the floating outfit in place as she made her way
her clothes.

Mary then began to undress. Her outfit was almost
identical to her sisters, with the exception that she had
on a black, lacy bra and panties, instead of the
fashionless outfit that her sister wore. Mary stood on
platform, her sleek figure barely clothed in the thin
lace that let her erect nipples show slightly in the cold

Susan dialled up an evening dress that hugged Mary’s
It plunged low in the neck, deep in the back, and the
single slide slit showed the barest trace of the black
panties as she moved.

“You can’t wear something backless with a bra.” Johnny

The image disappeared, and Mary reached behind her back
undid the bra. Her pert, erect breasts bobbed as she
moved. Susan worked the controls again and the dress re-
appeared on Mary’s body, hugging her form.

“Now that will get Gil’s attention.” Johnny said.

Mary stepped off the platform and hugged Johnny to thank
his for all his help. Her naked breasts pressed against
him and he pushed her away.

“Eww, you’re naked!” he said as Mary blushed and turned
away to gather her clothes. “Anyway, dress like that, and
you should have no trouble getting Gil’s attention. Now,
have got to get away from you two.” And he ran toward the

Susan and Mary sat at their computer looking over the two
outfits they just tried. Mary keyed in some information
and a machine started to hum then with a hiss, opened up
reveal the grunge outfit Susan had tried on.

Susan ran to the machine and picked up her outfit, holding
it up to examine it.

“Perfect.” She said. “I will try this on this afternoon
and report on its effectiveness.”

Once more Susan began to strip down to her underwear, then
picking up the coveralls she began to slip her foot inside
when Mary spoke up.

“You may want to reconsider your choice in underwear.
on.” As she rummaged through a drawer. “Here, try these
on.” She said tossing a pair of red silk g-string and bra

Susan slipped her plain-jane panties off, discarding them
to the side, then unclasped the front closing white cotton
bra. Her breasts were round, pert, and firm and seemed to
defy gravity as she turned to toss her bra to the side as
well. She next slipped into the bright red g-string,
smoothing it around her bush so that her soft auburn down
did not show through. Next, she wrapped the silky red bra
around her chest, slipping her arms into the straps then
hooking it in the back. She made a slight adjustment at
the cups and her look was complete. The cups were cut low
so that just an iota of the blush around her nipple
over the edge, but her cleavage was breath-taking. She
then pulled on the cropped T-Shirt that barely covered her
pert breasts, then slipped into a pair of baggy cargo
pants. Snapping on some funky coloured suspenders to hold
them up she then slid into a pair of oversized running
shoes and her look was complete.

“Now, you go an stand in front of the house,” Mary told
sister, “ and we will time how long it takes for Gil to
notice you.”

Susan took the secret elevator that placed her just beside
the mailbox by the front gate. She then moved onto the
street, and leaned against the fence waiting for Gil to
come. She was not there long when Gil walked by. As he
passed Susan, he stopped and turned to face her.

“Hey, you’re Johnny’s sister, aren’t you?”

“Yes, and you are Gil, right?” she said, acting coy.

“Right. I have never noticed how hot you are. Did you
change your hair?”

“How nice of you to notice.” She lied.

“Hey, how about coming over to my place for some
he ask.

“Don’t mind if I do.” She said, and followed Gil into his
house. As Gil moved ahead, Susan fell back a moment and
talked into the hidden microphone in her collar. “Mission

Susan followed Gil into the house, and sat on the sofa as
he went to get them the lemonade. While he was gone,
Susan, tried to find a comfortable, easy-going, casual
position to sit on the sofa, and just managed to strike
perfect pose when Gil came back, and sat next to her on

Gil took a sip of his lemonade, and watched Susan as she
drank hers. Watching her throat as she gulped gently,
watched the small trickle of lemonade drip out of the
corner of her mouth and down along her jaw.

“Oh my god, I am such a klutz!” she said, placing her
on the table next to Gil’s.

“It’s alright,” he said, as his thumb brushed the corner
her mouth. “Let me get that for you.” And he leaned in
close to her throat, and his tongue licked a delicate line
up her throat. Susan could feel his hot breath on her
neck, and she leaned her head back as Gil followed the
trail up to her mouth. Susan’s mouth parted slightly and
Gil covered it with his mouth, his tongue caressing her
teeth, then sliding along her tongue. Susan began to
melt. Without even realizing it, Susan found herself
sliding her hands under Gil’s shirt, feeling his hot flesh
on her palms, and soon she was lifting his shirt over his
head. Gil pulled back to allow her to remove his shirt,
and Susan ran her hands along his bare, smooth chest.

Gil slid the straps of her suspenders over her shoulders,
and Susan slid her top off, throwing it over his head to
join his shirt behind them on the couch. Gil reached
behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, sliding it down
over her arms then he placed it behind his back with the
others while his gaze was fixed on Susan’s perky breasts,
whote, with deep red blush longing to be licked and
sucked. He grasped one lightly in his hand, caressing it,
his thumb circling the erect nipple as he began to suckle
at the other. Susan lay back on her hands her chests
thrust forward to his waiting mouth and her head bent
backward as she softly moaned from the pleasure. Gil’s
mouth moved slowly down her chest, along her stomach, and
rested at her navel, licking small circles around her
button as his fingers undid the button on her pants. As
began to kiss slowly down past her navel, Susan was aware
that he was sliding her pants and panties off. He stopped
his kissing as he pulled her clothes down along her legs,
and off past her feet. Dropping the collective to the
floor, he parted her legs, and nestled his head between
them, his mouth covering her bright red snatch. Susan
arched her back, and Gil grasped her tight ass and held
to his mouth as his tongue sought the wet crack. As Gil
continued to eat her, he struggled out of his pants,
pulling them down to his knees while Susan undulated her
body, pushing up when Gil’s tongue was entering her.
she felt his body shift, and move up along her torso. As
his mouth reached hers, she was suddenly aware of him
entering her. She let out a soft gasp as Gil slid his
into her slowly until his body was pressed tight against

Susan wrapped her legs around Gil’s body, and her arms
around his neck as she kissed him hard while he quickly
increased his tempo, pounding her pussy harder until he
exploded into her. White hot pleasure flashed behind her
eyes and her head swam before she suddenly felt a calm
of coolness over her flesh. Gil lowered his body on hers,
his weight a comfort as her legs slowly unwrapped
themselves from his body. She lay there for a moment
allowing her heart to slow as Gil dressed. Gil looked
upon Susan as she lay naked on his sofa, and held his hand
out to help her up. Susan’s legs were weak and she held
Gil to steady herself as she dressed. Once they were both
dressed, the two sat and finished their lemonade.

“Holy cow!” Susan said, looking at her watch, “I’ve gotta
go. It was great being with you Gil.” She said, and
him, then ran out the door.

Once back at the lab, she checked her findings with her

“It took exactly 10 minute, 23.4 seconds for him to make
verbal contact with you.” Mary said. “It then took you 25
minutes, 43.7 seconds to leave his house. What were you

“Drinking lemonade.” Susan responded.

“I will take the next test after dinner.” Mary commented
and Susan changed back into her lab outfit.

Mary and Susan finished dinner and went back down to
lab. Mary picked out her dress and started the
replicator. Soon, the stunning red backless dress was
waiting for her. Mary slipped off her lab coat and hung
on her chair. She shimmied out of her skirt, and pulled
her top off. Standing in her black lace panties and bra
she examined herself in the full length mirror before
removing her bra and placing it with the rest of her
clothes. Mary then pulled on her dress, sliding the
over her shoulders and created a pair of 3” heels. Once
dressed, Susan took out her stop watch.

“Alright, let us see how this look fairs.” She said and
Mary mounted the elevator. She popped up by the mailbox
Gil was walking by.

“Mary, didn’t see you there for a moment.” He said.

“Gil.” She said, in response, “where are you heading?”

“Just home. Folks are out for a couple of hours, I
I would just chillax and play some video games.” Then
noticing her form hugging red dress he added, “Say, would
you like to come over?”

Mary looked at her watch and thought to herself ‘2minutes,
30.3 second, YES!’ then she looked at Gil and said, “I
would love that. Thank you.” And followed him into his

As the door closed behind Mary, and the lights came on,
said, “You look a little cold, would you like some hot
chocolate?” and he started toward the kitchen.

“Thank you, I would.” Mary said.

“Please, sit down.” Gil told her from the kitchen.

Mary sat on the sofa, and kicked off her shoes. Leaning
back against the sofa she could not help feeling her heart
pounding in her chest at the excitement of being in Gil’s
house. Gil returned holding two mugs of steaming coco.

“Comfy?” he asked winking at Mary.

Mary sat up, smoothing her dress, then reached for the
coco. She took a sip , placing her mug on the side table
and smiled at Gil who was just finishing a sip of his coco
and placing his cup down as well.

“You have a coco moustache.” He said, smiling at her.

Mary moved to wipe her mouth, when Gil took her hand and
said, “No, let me.” And he leaned in, kissing her top lip,
and running his tongue along the coco line, then traced
lips with his tongue before covering her mouth
His hot breath inflamed her passions and her tongue sought
out his mouth. Mary pushed forward, pushing Gil over so
that he was laying on the couch as Mary kissed him hard.
Her mouth was hot and wet and wanting, and Gil suddenly
aware that she was undoing his pants. Mary pulled away
from the kiss to pull Gil’s pants off, before pulling her
dress up over her head. She hovered over Gil for a moment
then pulled her panties aside and lowered herself atop
Gil’s erection. Mary dominated the action. She rode Gil
like a bronco, her tight pussy massaging him. She took
Gil’s hands and brought them to her breasts so that he
could fondle them as she arced backward thrusting herself
on his manhood. Mary leaned down, her long red hair
cascading over Gil, and kissed him hard. Her mouth was
hot, her lips soft, her tongue probing as she grasped Gil
by the head and held him for a prolonged kiss all the
she rocked her body atop his and he caressed her breasts.
Soon she felt Gil cum. It was hot, it was powerful, and
filled her with fire. She immediately pulled herself off
Gil’s spent body, and let him lay there, naked and sweaty,
as she finished off her hot chocolate.

“Wow!” Gil said, his breath escaping in short bursts, “You
are way more aggressive than Susan was.”

Mary felt like she was just slapped in the face.

“What!” she said, turning to face him. Gil sat up on the
edge of the sofa.

“Yeah, she came over this afternoon. She was good, but
was a follower.”

Mary slipped her dress over her head, and as she pulled
hair out from under the fabric she said, “Well, let us
see about that!” and she picked up her shoes and stormed
out of the house.

Mary stormed into the lab. “Susan!” she shouted.

“What? I saw that…”

“Did you fuck Gil?”

Susan looked stunned, then collected herself and
said, “Why? Did he…”

“He said you did.”

“Why would he say that?”

“He said I was more aggressive than…” and Mary realized
that she just admitted that she, too had just had sex with

“You slept with him?”

“This is not about me.” Mary shouted.

“Well it should be. I had him first.” Susan shouted
back, “Did he say it was good?”

“That’s not the point.” Mary shouted again.

“He did, didn’t he.” Susan replied, smiling.

“He said… who cares what he said, the point is…”

“The point is he liked me better.”

“He did not say that. He said you were a follower.”

“What does that mean?”

“How the hell should I know.” Mary was shouting, but Susan
suddenly realized that she was now calm, and focused.

“Mary, I just had a thought.” Susan interjected, trying to
calm her sister down, “We teamed up for this. We worked
together to get Gil, so does it make sense that after we
helped each other, that only one person should benefit
both of our work?”

“So what are you suggesting? We share?” Mary said.

“Why not?”

The doorbell rang and Gil opened it to see Mary and Susan
Test standing in front of him. A thousand thoughts were
running through his head wondering why they were here.
After the way Mary left, he was sure this was not going to
go well.

“Mary, Susan, come…” he was cut off by the two sisters
moving into his living room, “make yourselves at home.” He
said warily.

“We discussed this, and since we both love you, there is
only one thing we can do.”

“I understand.” Gil started, “I am so…”

“We’re gonna share you.” They said in unison.

Gil stood there with his mouth open like a wide mouth
bass. Susan pushed his lower jaw up to close his mouth,
but as she pulled back, it dropped back down again. Mary
then tried, and as Gil’s mouth closed, he gulped slightly,
but kept his mouth shut for a moment, then said, “So, that

Mary and Susan looked at each other, and winked. Susan
slipped off her lab coat and took a step toward Gil,
wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him open
mouthed, her tongue prying open his mouth. Gil reached
the button on her pants, and quickly freed it before
sliding down her zipper. Susan stepped back and shimmied
her pants down her legs as Mary stepped in and grabbed
Gil’s pants, undoing his button and zipper then dropping
one knee she pulled his pants down to his ankles. His
excitement was evident through the boxers he wore. He
looked up from Mary’s ministrations to see Susan pulling
her top over her head. She had creamy white legs the met
at a pair of lacey black panties. Her taunt belly was
smooth and her breast were small and pointed and coated in
a black lace bra. Her face suddenly appeared from behind
the tank top and her scarlet hair framed her angular
Gleaming green eyes were visible through her clear
glasses. As he watched her, he suddenly felt something
warm and moist surround his cock and he looked down to see
Mary sucking his dick.. Susan slipped off her bra, and
watched her breasts pointing to the floor as she leaned
forward to slide off her panties. She walked toward him,
caressing her sister’s back as she approached. Mary
stopped blowing Gil and backed away as Susan slid Gil’s
shirt off. When his eyes cleared the fabric, he could see
over Susan’s shoulder to Mary who by know had slipped out
of her dress, and stood before him in just her panties and
high heels. Susan kissed him, and his arms wrapped around
her waist, then slid down to cup her ass, pulling her soft
red fleece against his pulsing cock. Susan licked his
earlobe, then whispered “couch” and pulled away. Gill
practically leapt to the sofa as Mary slid out of her
panties and shoes, and strode toward him.

Susan straddled his chest as he lay on the couch, and
pressed her pussy toward his face. Gil’s mouth opened to
take her in, his tongue sliding into her as Mary straddled
his hips, and lowered herself onto his throbbing cock.
rocked back and forth, her hands grasping her sister’s
breasts for support while she rode Gil and he ate out

It did not take long for Gil, still somewhat aroused from
Mary’s earlier visit, and having two gorgeous women
him, he came once more into Mary’s tight little cunt.

Mary got off him. Spent, Gil lay there sucking on Susan’s
clit until she, too got off.

“Well, that was fun.” Mary said.

“But you got to fuck him twice.” Susan commented.

“Gil?” Mary said, but he just shook his hands to say “No
More!”, “Tomorrow then?” then to Susan, “You can ride him
first if you want.”

“Tomorrow Gil?” Susan asked, but Gil could barely let out
soft moan while nodding his head. “Tomorrow then.” The
girls said as they dressed and left.