I drink Alone
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2008-05-15 16:53:35 (UTC)

Feeling fat :(

The same thing happened after I had Hayden. After the
intial weight drop I was feeling pretty good being so much
smaller. But now that I'm stuck on it I'm starting to
realize I'm still fat as fuck.
I can't stand this feeling! The only thing that's ever
worked for me is not eating at all, but that's almost
impossible for me to do unless I'm upset about something.
Guess I should tell Joe to go ahead and cheat on me so I
can get skinny again.

Jordan and Hayden are doing great. This morning I gave
Jordan her bath and she actually seemed to like it. She's
getting sooo cute. She has little fat rolls and double
chin, she's the exact opposite of Hayden as a baby. She's
all rolypoly. Hayden was a gorgeous baby in his own way.
He's still a gorgeous kid with his clear skin, dark eyes
and hair and beautiful smile. I am very lucky to have such
beautiful kids.

Tonight Caleb is suppose to come over and make dinner for
us since he's been eating here almost every other day
lately. Toni is suppose to call sometime to see the kids
or something, but I haven't heard from her yet. She's
prolly not up.

LAst night it stormed really bad, I was in a bad mood like
I always am when it rains.
I thought I'd never get to sleep because I felt like
beating something up. Unfortunally during storms joe
passes out like a baby, so I could of beat on him but he
wouldn't of even known.