I drink Alone
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2008-05-12 18:37:55 (UTC)

Glad the weekends over

Mothers Day was pretty busy. I had to get the kids ready
for church and that didn't go so well cause I was very
tired and both kiddos have been a little sick with
something so they were grumpy too.
We went to church and to lunch with Mom and the rest of
them. Then we went home and I put Hayden down for a nap. I
ended up taking one too I was so tired. As soon as we got
up we loaded the kids back up and went to Liberty Hill to
Aunt Cheri's house. They had a fish fry. Mimi and Papa
were there, and Dougs parents, of course Cheri, Ron,
Travis, Gigi and Doug. Hayden had a blast playing with all
the different balls they had.
It was nice getting to visit. For Mother's Day Gigi got me
a gift certificate to get my nails done.

Today I'm just cleaning house from the weekend, Hayden is
still a little sick so he's been just laying around
watching TV.

Things between me and Joe are going okay. I mean, there
are lots of weird things that happen but I don't doubt
that he loves me. Hopefully it's just a case of me being
over worried and all these things are actually freak

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