I drink Alone
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2008-05-09 03:13:21 (UTC)

Today I thought was going..

Today I thought was going pretty well. I went with my Mom
to lunch and out to her house for awhile. It was nice
getting out of the house for the first time this week.
When I got home at six I was taking clothes out of the
dryer because with two kids and a dirty husband the
laundry is a neverending chore.
These pieces of paper were falling out everywhere, I
wouldn't of thought much of it usually cuz Joe is like a
little boy still with all kinds of odds and ends in his
pockets. I just throw it all away. But these papers had
survived pretty well the washer and dryer, and it was in a
bold red pen. I guess a sharpie.
It was love poems of all things with the bottom signed
different stuff, one said "I love J!"
I called and asked about it, he said it was in my box of
clothes in the attic. He'd pulled down those boxes for me
recently. He said he thought they were mine.
Whatever, always some lame excuse for the weird things
that go on.

I talked to Dad today about enrolling in school this
summer, I think I might of missed that boat but for sure
this fall. For one I would like something worthwhile to
work for, but the biggest reason I think is I don't want
to always be left high and dry when the shit hits the fan.
MAybe it's time I started taking care of myself. I need
some kind of background, something I can do to help me.