I drink Alone
2008-05-06 17:58:24 (UTC)

I suppose one thing I can..

I suppose one thing I can always count on is that life is
going to be interesting. Trevor told me to write a book.
But what the fuck title would that be? "What NOT to do in
a relationship?" Ahhh fuck it. There are too many of those
out there already. Like people want my ass tellin them
stuff they already know or can figure out themselves.
Anyhoo..things have blown over now pretty much. I think
Joe has a slight case of alcohol posioning, but he'll be
okay eventually.
He's really sorry for all the shit that happened and says
he isn't going to drink again..we'll see.
The thing is on the weekends when the kids aren't here
that's how I unwind, and now I'm not suppose to drink
either? Dude, I don't get out of control so why am I being
Even if I did want to get totally wasted I don't see the
problem cause I only drink when the kids aren't home.
That's the main point I've been trying to make, I just
want to be sure the babys are safe.
Whatever tho, Claire called me and hopefully we'll do
something this weekend.

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