Nick's Journal
2008-05-05 17:09:29 (UTC)

The Good, The Bad, and The Assholes

life just doesn't take very kindly to gross
oversimplifications. the second i've decided to myself,
"the world is a lousy fucking place where people do nothing
but inflict pain on each other," i see some teenage girl
knitting woolen caps for premature babies.
that's the deal with life, you get the good, the bad, and
the just plain douches. it all depends on the day and a lot
on your location.
if you're in a gated community, in your
air-conditioned condo and the only time you step outside is
to get to your suv to make it to the country club, you're
probably not confronted with too many dumbshits.

however, if you're a poor, debt ridden law student who has
to rely on public transportation you are privy to many a
dumbshit. truthfully the good outweigh the bad. most of
the time people are either quietly caught up in their own
worlds on the bus or are nice enough to offer their seat to
an elderly lady; or just engage in niceties with their
neighboring passengers.
the problem though, is that, when the bad does happen, it's
always fucking egregious. for example; yesterday i was
riding to school to continue my studies. i was on the bus
at what must have been 9:15 a.m. a time that you would
imagine would be too early for people to do ill shit right?
there was this guy in the back of the bus who kept on
yelling at people. just yelling at them. i think yelling
was just his version of talking; however he would engage
people in conversations that they really didn't want. he
kept on telling these two girls that they looked really cute
and that they should "both put their hair up," whatever
creepy thing that means.

anyhow, i got off the bus and, after a prolonged bout of
studying i decided to take a nice walk in the beautiful
weather to take my mind off of income taxation. as i made
it to the park i immediately noticed the drunkards. it's
inevitable that, in a city, you're going to get these
bastards. lit the fuck up at around 2 pm in the afternoon.
what made it so much sadder was that there were kids
running around on the playgrounds with their nervous mothers
standing in between the alkis and their children.
so i sat down on a bench and decided to soak up the sun. as
my mind was once again full from studying i decided to
eavesdrop on some fellow bench-sitters. they were two
construction men having lunch.

now i'm not naive enough to not realize that construction
workers have dirty minds. but these guys were watching what
appeared to be sorority girls throwing a frisbee with
comments such as, "damn i'd like to jack-hammer that ass."
creepy. and then, they started talking about how they hated
these "over-privileged, spoiled college brats."
really? we have drunk fucks next to children, bothering
mothers on a beautiful day, but the ones that piss you guys
off are the girls having fun in the sun? really?
fuck them.

so finally i was on my bus ride home, assured that i would
never bring a child into this world (especially not one that
turns out to be a girl throwing a frisbee in a park being
watched by creepy construction workers), when of course the
day took one more wrong turn.
so there i was engrossed in my latest book when all of a
sudden i heard a pop. it was the weirdest damn sound and
came diagonally to my left. i looked up to see a guy who
could only be described as "scary." he had a wife-beater
on, a goatee, looked like he hadn't showered in days,
covered in tatoos and about 6'5 250 or something along those
lines. i looked up quizically and then went back to my book.
what the fuck? and i raised my head during the second to
last pop. the super scary guy was sitting next to what
could only be described as a sad state of female affairs.
an overweight mexican girl who looked fucked up drunk out of
her mind. now after about 4 years of undergrad i think i
can tell when someone is fucked up. especially if they're
holding a 24 oz. can of coors light on the bus.

so there this guy was. smacking her big ass. no joke,
that's what the sound was. POP! there it was again. and
after each slap she would sip on her drink and he was
snicker in a most sinister way.
what the fuck is up with people?
i don't know why this shit bothers me. i mean what do i
care, right? but somewhere deep down i just feel pissed
that these fucks impose themselves on the normal populace.
i hate that those drunks were making mothers feel uneasy as
they felt the drunken eyes leer on their children. i'd hate
to think that some girl would actually fall victim to the
hateful words of one of those construction workers. and i'd
hate to think that somewhere, somehow, this woman now
getting smacked on the ass, lit up out of her mind could
have had a nice life in which she wasn't subjected to the
whims of some asshole.

but i guess what i have to realize is that the world isn't
dominated by the bad or the assholes, but by the good. or
so i'd like to believe. so i'd like to believe.