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2008-05-04 22:52:58 (UTC)

Drinking & Anxiety

Drinking dehydrates you and thins out your blood which will
increase your heart rate. An increased heart rate generally
makes you feel anxious and can cause anxiety.


The past few days since my assessment I've been thinking
about the questions that were asked. Some of the questions
were "Do you drink a lot or take any legal/illegal drugs
when your anxious?" "Has your activity level increased or

I noticed that I have had cravings for a drink or two, but I
always understood why I wanted it. I knew that it could
cause me to depend on it when moments of stress strikes me.
The same with smoking. Before my panic attack 2 years ago I
had major cravings for a smoke, but I never did it. I knew.
However, I did notice when I'm out with friends at a bar I
will have a drink or two.. maybe more? But then my anxiety
level begins to rise. I would feel sick, dizzy, irritated,
scared, worried about who's around me and wondering how I'll
get home. My mind is racing with thoughts and I begin to
unconsciously get scared.

When it comes to my activity level, it has decreased in a
sense that I will cancel plans when I know they will occur
late in the evening or with a crowd of strangers (clubs
mostly). I prefer to stay home, in my room, door locked and
just laying in my bed sleeping.

This helps me to stay calm by forgetting what's bothering
me. I also like to go for a jog around the block and
sometimes even go to the gym. Even though I do get scared
being in the gym, I try to fight but sometimes it overpowers
me and i give in and go home to sleep. Another way that
helps me relax is laughing. I watch youtube clips, annoy my
little brother and watch tv. I also play with my cats a lot
of the times. They erase my problems for a few minutes. I
love it.

I'll continue later on tonight...

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