Nick's Journal
2008-05-01 04:34:47 (UTC)


when one has his nose dug deep into the federal rules of
evidence he's not too aware of his surroundings. so i was
this late afternoon, the sun was setting lighting the sky up
in a beautiful crimson fire, the birds chirping, the young
undergrad girls bouncing about in skirts normally reserved
for strip clubs, and me, oblivious to it all. but yet, no
matter how caught up you are in what you are doing, there's
almost an extra-sensory, uncanny feeling you get when you
feel like you're being watched.
which is why, at about rule # 801(c) - the definition of
hearsay i looked up and to my left. what i saw was the
oddest damn thing in the world.
a family was staring at me. what was apparently the husband
and wife, with a young boy (about 10 or so) and a girl (who
seemed closer to my age) were staring at me from the foreign
law section. i noticed them first and foremost because they
had congregated around the area which featured books on the
"mongolian legal system" - now first off i didn't know that
the mongols (is that what they're called?) had a legal
system, and secondly, who the fuck is coming up to the 4th
floor of the library thinking 'oh god, i hope that the 300
page book on the mongolian legal system isn't checked out!'.
there they were. staring at me; i started feeling like an
exotic animal at a zoo. and then i realized who they were.
apparently we were having one of those "social mixers" that
we seem to have every god-damned day; only this time for the
benefit of "soon-to-be" law students.
it's hard to study evidence when you're being stared at.

anyhow, i've been caught up in the hbo show 'Rome'. what a
great show! and of course my favorite character of it is
octavian, or augustus as he is later known.
check that shit out. how bad ass was that guy? and
moreover, how come we can't seem to get leaders like that
the last great leader i can think of was abraham lincoln.
he's the only guy who, the more i learn about him, the more
i revere him.
seriously; reading through that wikipedia page, and watching
'rome' i can't belivee how much of a bad ass octavian was.

more than that he's making me particularly fed up with
obama's inability to act intelligently.
i'm all about the guy and he's acting like a retarded baby
chimp. i was really mad about the way he handed the initial
wright controversy but gave him the benefit of the doubt.
of course obama was too big of a moron to realize the two
axioms of a successful political candidacy
1) don't make it seem like you're an ass ("clinging to shit"
stuff need not be said)
2) don't keep crazy people close unless they're family
(reverend wright)
the second of course is what obama has just belatedly
figured out. saying someone is "like" family is not nearly
going to cut it with the populace.
did he seriously think wright would be quiet?

the crazy thing is; i have finally realized just how fucking
crazy wright truly is. if you watch him in his interviews, i
have to say that he is batcshit insane. i mean he does this
shit where he flails his arms and is always moving around.
his ability to use rhetorical flair and play upon people's
sense of entitlement and inclination to blame others is
right out of hitler's playbook.
i seriously hope that wright ISN'T a paradigm of the black
church; if so, we have someone battling with the muslims for
most fucked up world view around.

anyhow, NOW obama is saying he's done with the man. come
the fuck on. that should have been done before. instead of
doing the whole bait and swtich bullshit and talking about
race, he should have done what he just did.
fuck wright, i'm outta here...oh, and clinton's a ho.

i wonder what octavian would have done. i'm assuming it
would probably have resulted in wright's carcass hanging
from some lamp post or possibly him fending off gladiators
for the rest of his life.

oh well. i guess there's still hope for a great leader to
come sometime later on in my life.