Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2008-05-01 01:02:15 (UTC)

Time Gone By...

I've been without a job for so long now. My dad is
still serving time in jail again for a DUI if I hadn't
mentioned that in my earlier entry. My little ducks, chicks,
and turkeys have really grown since martha brought them
home... especially Easter. Martha and I have parted ways
after being together for so long.
Its kind of hard getting used to being all alone again.
And even harder having a job later on and then comming home
to no one. I've been hunting a wild animal as of late. I'm
not sure what it is, but from what I gather its responsible
for our missing chickens. Clues from whats been left behind
suggest it could be a fox most likely.
I really have no idea what it could be though... we
have tales of beasts... not known to present science that
could be living or existing out there in our woods. I myself
have seen very strange things out there... things that don't
seem to be from this natural world we live in. Well in
anycase, I've got to put an end to whatever it is causing us
I really am blessed with such spiritual guidance in
this life. I have no idea what I want to do in life to make
a living, and even if I did I have no idea of how to get
there. Yet with all that comes and goes as far as dispair
and depression, my faith always leads me back on the trail.
Well I must leave to visit my dad tonight... I just hope I
can stay awake another hour :(

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