taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2008-04-30 05:04:16 (UTC)

plan for tomorrow

1. wake up (10-11am)
2. try not to feel worthless (11am-12pm)
3. shower (11am-12pm)
4. recover energy lost from shower (11:30am-12:30pm)
5. lick wounds (12:30-2:00pm)
6. eat something (preferably healthy) (12:30-1pm)
7. go on facebook (10:30am-2pm)
8. await arrival of girlfriend from work (2:05pm)
9. hang with girlfriend (2-4pm)
10. make and eat dinner with girlfriend and shiobhan (5pm)
11. mingle with siobhan (assume) (5:30-9pm)
12. try to be sociable and likeable during (5:30-9pm)
13. watch tv/facebook/kill time (9-11pm)
14. go to bed (11:30pm-12:30am)

*love girlfriend through out
**cripplingly self-conscious through out

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