Nick's Journal
2008-04-30 02:38:40 (UTC)

I don't want to hear anything about "free-market" health care anymore

look, i'm the most free-market guy you can find. i'm about
two more interest rate chops away from digging up ayn rand's
corpse and bitch slapping bernanke with her skeleton wrist.
but when it comes to health care i just don't see it.
allow me two examples.

i own two rats. one of them was under the dominion of a
clinically insane woman who owned 40 rats. she fed them all
kfc and cottage cheese. thanks to her deterimental handling
of her pets, we were handed a chronically ill (and severly
overweight) rat.
well earl's condition has vastly improved but not without
cost. the latest one was to the tune of $300. that's
right. you read that # right. $300. for a rat.
juliann called me and told me about it and i thought i had
misheard. i couldn't believe it. i wasn't even angry, it
was just a stomach punch. $300?
jesus christ!
so then as i sat in the my income tax class trying to put
this in perspective i thought to myself; well, if i had gone
i would have asked the doctor right away how much it costs.
but then i thought; well, i can't tell if he's in
pain...what if he is? what if he does have a kidney stone?
and that thought, and that alone would have caused me to
make the decision to incur the cost. something inside of me
just feels like i couldn't have foregone the treatment.
and yes this may just be a hindsight justification, and
surely there is a threshold at which i would have said "fuck
it", but for some reason, $300 was not it.

and that's the thing. when it comes to your health; it's
kind of hard to be choosy. juliann got really sick last
summer and had to go the hospital for about a whole day.
the doctors hooked her up to god knwos how many machines and
adminsitered god knows how many tests.
in the back of my mind, no matter how much i hated myself
for it, i kept on much is this all costing?
horrible right? well that's just because i always DO think
about the free-market aspect of health care.
but seriously, at no time would i have ever gotten up and
been like, "whoa that last test, uh, huh, that's over the
limit of how much i'm giong to spend on my wife!"
so really, my whole thought process was off in the first
place. at that point, all the money in the world wouldnt
have mattered!
and that's where free-market based solutions to health care
ot me seem stupid.

even though i felt, and in retrospect am 95% sure, that the
doctors overreacted in juli's case, i would never dream of
interjecting myself or question their judgment at that time.
you see the power of asymmetrical information is too acute
to really allow for free-market decisions in a health care
pine that with the fact that you are dealing with your (or
your loved one's, or your loved rat's) health and it just
seems close to inconceivable to truly exercise a rational
to put it plainly; we can't think rationally enough to make
free-market decisions in health-care contexts.
name me one person who would up and leave an emergency room
with a broken femur because the one down 30 mins away is
doing it for $3,000 less.

i hate conceding ANYTHING to socialistic policies, but
health care seems to be the one that i just can't not
concede! but who knows, i'm sure that, the weight of three
exams is clouding my usual good judgment and there is some
sort of "obvious" factor i've overlooked that some asshole
libertarian can possibly point out to me.

speaking of assholes. my business entities practice exam
was RIDICULOUSLY hard. i mean, that thing should have been
re-labeled the "widow maker". i was discouraged, i was
disheartened, but some of the students in my class handled
it with less dignity reverend wright does any sort of
interview. they started lambasting the teacher for making
the test too hard! for some reason that just seems wrong to
how can you fault someone for that?
if the test was horribly tricky or trying to trip you up i
can see complaining; but just because it's hard...that's a
reasdon to complain?
take off your fucking skirts you sissies.