Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-04-30 02:01:38 (UTC)

I went today..

This morning was my appointment at the Counseling Center at
my school. The lady who was assessing me told me that I do
have Anxiety. Now we have to figure out the root of it and
try to calm me down.

What was pretty weird is that when I started talking about
my friend's father's death I was about to tear up. But when
I started talking about my mother I started crying. What the


I went to the gym this evening. I got back and I feel like
shit. I think I may be coming down on something. I hate
being sick. ARG!!

I've been cleaning out my closet since last night and today
I didn't even touch it. I hate it. I hate looking at this
pile of clothes that i've either never worn or hate or is
ugly/old. I feel so guilty throwing out all these clothes.
But I can't have them in my room any more, it's taking up so
much space in my closet. My mother yells that I have too
much clothes, but really I don't.

I'm 21 years old. My style of clothing has changed. I no
longer wear childish tshirts, oversized sweaters with
zippers/designs. ew.

I'm feeling nervous/sick. i'm goig to lay down. bye.