Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-04-28 03:20:55 (UTC)

Sun. Apr. 27***

This morning I woke up early to get ready in hopes of going
to the Zoo early on in the afternoon. I went to mass and
received a phone call from my friend. By noon she was going
to find out what time we were going. Almost 2 hours later I
was still waiting for a response. I knew we weren't going,
so I suggested we go to the park and play some soccer. Turns
out we weren't going to the zoo.

This never... ever happened before, but I was pissed at my
friends! I never been this mad at them before. What really
upset me is that I felt completely ignored. I felt like I
was waiting around to only find out I was waiting for nothing!

I guess what I reacted in such manner was because it always
happens to me. I always feel like I'm waiting for nothing to
happen. Like thursday I was suppose to get a time to go to
the gym with my friend and nothing. The zoo? Nothing.

I was just so frustrated at this waiting game.

I want to take my boyfriend to the park we went to today. It
was so beautiful! This park is so close to home and I've
never been to it, only once when I was 7. It's such a
romantic place with tons of families, couples and youngsters
just enjoying the good weather we had today.

I really cannot wait until he gets back from vacation. Ugh!
I just want him home now!!! I'm taken and I haven't see my
boyfriend in 2 months! This really sucks. Yaa yaaa it could
be worse.

I'm just really anxious to get this friendship now
relationship started!

Just 10 more days. I can do it.


-would you dump your significant other if better came? Now
answer truthfully... [ we think one way b/c we don't want to
accept how we truly feel ]

- Do moral vales differ b/w sexes? Do they differ in
different cultures? Cities?