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2008-04-27 05:55:40 (UTC)

Working Out

I'm on day 2 of working out.

My first workout was good, but today I just wasn't feeling
the burn. Well, I didn't really do much at the gym. I spent
most of my time doing cardio and stretching. The day after
my first workout, I couldn't move my arms and shoulders.
Maybe that's why I my legs don't hurt today. I stretched
them reeeeal good!

I probably mentioned this on my last entry, but I'm going to
try and do this workout routine on my own. My friend isn't
helping me for whatever the reason may be. So I took the
initiative and started doing my own research. I found a
couple of really good sites on stretching (hence why I spent
most of my time stretching today), ab workouts using the
ball and how to use dumbells. I'm pretty excited.

I think tomorrow I'm going to go for a little bit and
probably do a lite workout:

-25 mins of Cardio
-legs (inner/out thighs, hamstrings and quads)
-a few mins. of dumbells

I'm good to go!

To be honest, it really sucks that she can't help me out
with this gym stuff. She's been doing it for 3 years and
she's a KINE student. So I really trust her. But why does
she have to be the way she is. Why is it so hard for her to
help me out? Does she want to workout alone? I doubt it. And
if so, she needs to grow up.

I spoke to my boyfriend this evening. I'm upset with myself.
I should have listened to myself and dated him when he got
back. At least then we could have layed everything on the
table and decided if we should proceed with this
relationship. But the dating just kind of happened. It
really sucks because I pretty much haven't chilled with my
boyfriend since we started dating. I'll see him when we make
a month! lol. That's ok, I'm not really upset to the extent
that I want to yell and break it off. Whatever. His trip got
extented, so what.

I'm really looking forward to this summer. I'm really
looking forward to seeing how toned my body can get :)

I'm going to bed.

Wait. I forgot to mention that I might go to the Zoo
tomorrow! I never knew the zoo was so close to me! After all
these years, the zoo was only 30 mins away from my house!!!
Toronto DOES have everything near by! The city is great!

However, I don't really want to go tomorrow. How shitty will
it be to go to the zoo when it's a bit chilly outside.
You're suppose to go when the sun is out and all animals are
out in the sun relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather.
Not, wearing layers of sweathers and warming our hands with
coffee. Ew.

Whatever, I hope we don't go tomorrow. Night!