Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-04-24 03:10:09 (UTC)

Wed. April 23

I went to the gym this morning and it was great! I did upper
body today and tomorrow is the lower body. I decided to put
all feelings aside and let her teach me how shit works. I
have 30 days to understand how the equipment works and then
i'm switching to a co-ed gym. I figured it would be less
intimidating if I learn how to do a proper work out.

Why am I interested in going to the gym?

For one, it helps relieves stress. How cam I relieve stress
if I don't know the proper way to do it! Learn now and it'll
stay with me forever.

I would like to tone up a bit for this summer. My body has a
lot of potential and I want to see what it can do! I'm 21
years old. I'm at the prime of my life. I should look hot
doing it!

I missed my boo this evening. I feel asleep like always! lol
I want him home!!!!

I subscribed to that psyc. magazine! I'm really excited to
get it! It'll be like my comso, expect with less sexual
articles and photographs. Hopefully it'll be worth it.

I'm still jobless. I need a job. I don't know how I'm going
to pay my next cellphone bill. Oh the horror! I want that

Anyways, I'm out of things to ramble about. toodles!