All that is
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2008-04-23 19:42:49 (UTC)


My life has no meaning what so flippin
1. I am a drip. A drip
2. whatchumacallit – moved on fuckin months ago and
I’m still in fucking lala land dreaming on……
3. whatchumacallit is ‘inarelationshit’
4. wahahahahahahahahahahahahah
wailwailwailwailwailwail!!!!! Im wailing and my existence
has no meaning!!!!!
5. my life has no meaning – that inbox rush was short
lived then……….omg. I go into the fucking prof and 1st f-
ing thing in my face?? Well hello??people MOVE ON.
6. how must I look now?? – omg…well if missy ‘alshot’
or whateva is now missy u kno who, then like…well, dunnoif
I m hoping she is..looks aren’t all and may my shallowness
be forgiven, but – she’s not all that. REALLY. And I mean
it, REALLY. But have I solved my own puzzle? – looks
aren’t everything. And if that’s the case then ‘she’s not
all that has no meaning and little or next to no
consolation for my miseries. Arrrghhh!! So she may not
have ‘the looks’ but man she sure as hell had SOMETHING to
grab the dude’s att. Or (and I don’t like to think this
version) maybe he was really looking for lurve…barf! I.
AM. A. DRIP. Wailwailwailwailwail. I want a new fuckin
beginning is what I neeed!!.
7. my god I am a fuckin drip or more the more suiting
term that I can’t bring myself to write down…outta fear of
some1 seeing it or just plain pride…….
8. me, all gosh idunno anymore, what I’m doing wrong.
First as ds, then ubr then eh then…and now I come to find
out that fucking mr whatshisface is………..
9. ‘still birth romances’ ‘never would be chartered
waters’ – like ingrown hairs. Inside out.
10. do I have the mind to match the image I assume?
11. and with the (as ever) wise words of ms bic runga,
I conclude: go to her, foolish man…she’ll endure all she
12. bad timing? 3 weeks ago – would that have changed
anything? – yea like little old moi could…