My Craptacular Life
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2008-04-23 19:36:48 (UTC)

EWWW disgusting stories

i dont wanna sound like a prep, but one of my friend's
sisters had this big throbbing zit on her nose (i mean its
not that i really care bout acne but this was sick) and i
was flaring red. she tried 2 pop my friend called her name
right b4 it was gonna blow and turned and yelled "WHAT?"
and the zit like exploded and lucky me i fell and tripped
from her slipper and my friend had this disgusting puss on
her 4head. :P DISGUSTING

my group (a girl gang) and i were playing round during
gym. we had 2 play so we joed round and played shadow with
shira. we were following her. she saw this blue thing, and
guess wat? she picked it up and it was a USED CONDOM!!!
she threw it and luckily i was backing away and she threw
it at mari (the roughest one) at first she saw the frickin
thing and then she got shira by the neck and she got
PWND!!! and OWW did it hurt 2 c it already!