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2008-04-22 18:12:45 (UTC)


rite got a call to day from one of the casting agents.
they'll sort out my portfolio. didnt think that'll happen.
they'll have me come in for some shots, they'll (i'll have
given in a deposit by then of about 40 quid or so. then
i'll pay the rest about a month later. the whole thing
comes to about 97 quid.
found myself getting all excited whoop whoop. they'll also
sort out my webpage and coz the casting directors are
always lookin for new faces, they ACTUALLY look at the
faces to look for people. so when i asked her what the
guarantee was that you'll get calls etc for jobs etc she
said the guarantee is very likey you will get called for
auditions etc but obviously it also depends on how well you
do on those auditons. the lady had a really nice voice.
very reassuring. not pressurising like alot of those
telephone thingys usually are. and so she said that she had
done it too, she went over to the philipines coz shes
oriental, and she had a photoshoot in milan!! and got about
a grand for it!! how awesomes is that? she said that like
for an hrs work on a photoshoot, you'd get around 250-500
quid. thats awesome so i'll deffo look into that. i have to
give myself enough time to get together physically tho. so
it'll be around ending of may i think. wow i wonder what
i'l wear....my lond dress maybe...or dunno. i asked about
vacancies in the place and she said yep she'll book an
interview with one of the managers there, whenever i
come.so... amby/willy here i come lol nah jokes. as if. she
said with regards to modellin you have to be 5'11 to do cat
walk, but with other things like magazine shoots eg glamour
etc, or catalogue height isnt too important. well i'm 5'8
so cat walk is deffo off the question - but isnt kate moss
5'8? and she deffo does catwalk etc so...
i'm just doing this coz dunno. not outta vanity - i just
wanna prove somethin to myself i guess and sometimes, - and
not in an arrogant up yourself way, or whatever, i think
i've got 'something about me..' ha is that vain? well i
could be wrong. the camera could hate me lol. and also i
really dont think im that photogenic. arrgh!!
she still hasnt rang yet tho...gulp.
gosh how cool would it be if i got to do something for a
mag?? or a casting as an extra on gossip or something lol.
or is THAT overly pushing it?? ha we'll see then.