taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2008-04-19 22:15:17 (UTC)

Friday night was fun for the following reasons

1) blowing bubbles
2) drinking beers
3) lying underneath the stars in a makeshift campsite on
the balcony with my flavourful girlfriend.

The cars whizzed by on Ouellette, a cat stared in awe from
a lower story window, the air had gotten crisp (though we
had a blanket and our bodies to keep us warm), and noone
was the wiser. It was genuine, innocent fun and comfort at
it's finest.

This all preceeded the onset of a whicked sore throat and
the insaitable urge for early evening sleep, an
unfortunate conclusion, however, I wase't complaining much.

This just goes to show that electronic induced
entertainment is still not, nor ever will be, capable of
matching joy in the simplicity of nature and the like.


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