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2001-10-09 21:23:01 (UTC)


Homecoming's this Saturday. Mom said I'll have to pay for
the dress myself if i want to go.....what the fuck?! And she
only gave me $10 this week (she's giving me my money again),
so how in the hell am i supposed to afford a dress? Jimmy is
really looking forward to going with me, and it would be
nice to spend some extra time with him. i have a dress i've
never worn that's really cute but i think the neck line is
too low and i like wearing ankle skirts, this one comes down
to my thighs. jimmy will like it, but it's hard to dance
when you're worrying about not showing too much to people.
and i can't go to a dance and not dance. jimmy told me to
just wear my black ankle skirt and a nice shirt, but my
ankle skirt's too big on me and i seriously don't have a
nice shirt. (although i could go raid mom's closet.) I don't
know. it's a mess. I'm still grounded. hopefully mom'll let
off by halloween. i've got so many plans this month it's
incredible. 2 trips to south carolina for rotc, and i'm
volunteering at two local town halloween festivals after
school near the end of this month. the rotc people who can
make it are going to help out with the booths. i love to
volunteer, but i am going to be out in the cold all night
and i am already getting sick from this weather. and next
friday is the homecoming game....i wasn't planning on going
cause there's always going to be someone starting shit, but
too many people are counting on me to go. well, speaking of
going, i have to because hank's home.