Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2008-04-15 08:53:38 (UTC)

Spring of 2008

With the arrival of spring comes new life. I bought 4
ducks, 6 chickens, and 3 turkeys and rural king.
Unfortunatly, one of the turkeys has died but it was about
two weeks ago. Martha... has returned to Texas. We have
parted ways too and now we are both single again. I took it
pretty emotionally as she got on that bus back to her
home.... we both did.
And now we both face being single again for the first
time in over 3 years. I feel so lonely already and her as
well. We are still friends thank goodness, but we are going
to try to avoid talking to each other as much. Just for that
reason that we both need space and time to heal. Man I sure
do feel alone now haha...
I wish I had my car going. It sure is hard being stuck
at home all the time and without money. My dad is back in
jail for a DUI charge again... he has been in there for
about a month and he feels very depressed. We hope to get
him out soon though on house arrest probation... Not much
else we can do.
I still have not forgotten my dreams and ambitions in
life. I REALLY do want a chance to do something great in
life... aside from joining the military. I'd really rather
not make that an option for my future. I would no doubt make
a great soldier if need be, but there are things much more
important than serving your own country. MY future and MY
ambitions take so much more priority than such a career as
the army.
Many people do not realize that and die needlessly. I
will not be one of them. I walk my OWN path and I shall
leave MY future in the hands of God... not the military or
the government. I don't have to prove myself to anyone,
because I am unique in Gods own way. There is a way for me
to find happiness in this world and I WILL find it!!
Whatever the cost may be!