Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2008-04-11 22:20:11 (UTC)

Void Werks XII

5 years have passed, I saw her today.

do I have regrets? yes. and many more to come.

I've come to see things, and although I can't
change them, I think I might have to eventually
get off my ass and do something constructive.

I avoided her. On purpose. I didn't want her to
see the failure I am. Who could like, or even
come to love someone like me? especially when
I've fallen so very far. I do nothing, I am
honestly going no where. It's sad. I makes me
sad. I so. desperately needed her, and when
she held out her hand, I spurned it. There's
no going back to that. Never really would have
worked out anyways.

My mind. is. so full of rage. full of black
muddy mire. That I'd have fouled her I think.
Might have ruined a beautiful soul, albeit
she thinks otherwise. I know the truth. She
has a mind of her own, she's strong, and
independent. She needs someone like me, and
I think she does, but she needs more.

she's happy now. I think anyways. and probably
happier than she'd have been with me. one day
though, maybe, we'll cross paths again.

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