Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-04-11 16:28:54 (UTC)

Fri. Mar. 11.08

I did my exam yesterday! I'm feeling pretty confident about
it :) I have one more on Tuesday. Apparently not a lot of
people are doing too well in that course, so i'm feeling
less stressed. I need to review all the reading this weekend
and I think I should be fine for the exam. My nervousness
isn't going to get the best of me.

I missing him more and more! we grew closer since he's been
gone. I can't wait for him to get back here. I'm going to be
so happy. I'm so happy being with someone who understands me
so well. I love it. Everyone should date their bestfriend.
lol I think? I'm still new at this dating-my-bestfriend
thing. So i'll let you know if i still feel like this 6
months from now lol

I'm so lucky though. I was a little worried that he still
has a lot of growing up to do. But I don't really think so.
He's a very mature guy. I think it'll be good :) and long

Ahhh i'm excited!

Joana and I have gotten closer. Well, I've known her about 7
years and so I think that now that we're older and more
about to go out. Having that 4 hour break during the school
week did bring us closer together. She's a great girl. Very
understanding and it really surprises me how she's so
different. She's not like some dumb/drama starting girls.

I think it's my time to shine. I need a good female friend
who wants to the best from me and isn't jealous.

I'm feeling really hungry right now, i'm going to go eat
some left over kfc.

C D= hugs and kisses!