Nick's Journal
2008-04-10 16:29:47 (UTC)


to be honest, we are all pretty much alike. if you look at
us from a macroscopic level we are enormously alike. not
only that, but have you ever noticed how certain people look
alike, not because they are related, but just due to their
body type? i have noticed distinct feature similarities
between people; sort of like, certain personalities have
certain body types. but its not the similarities in people
that most intrigue me, but the differences.

the major difference that intrigues me is competence, or
excellence. i know i've written about this ad nauseam, but
i am just mystified that there can be both a tiger woods and
the other 300 obscure golfers.
i'm mystified that there can be a tom brady, a peyton
manning, and there can also be the thousands of no-names.
that there is only one michael jordan, one kobe bryant, but
thousands of other wannabes.
i've tried so hard to figure out what causes this difference
amongst people. i feel like i've narrowed it down to a
certain predisposition (nature for lack of a better term)
and just an inordinate amount of practice.

i think that, when people judge greatness, they put a lot
less emphasis on the practice that goes in to achieve that
greatness. one of the reasons for this seems quite
obvious...anyone can practice, but not everyone can be born
with a 6'5 frame. it's an added excuse for the rest of us.
but you see, we do ourselves a huge disservice by thinking
like that.

our federalist society was run like the republican
convention. our president was amazing. she was this young,
taciturn girl who must have been the smartest, shrewdest
person i've ever met. for the federalist society to survive
in a law school is one thing in and of itself because of all
of the liberals around.
but not only did our federalist society last year survive,
but it led EVERY debate, brought EVERY guest speaker, and
raised more money than all other society's together (no
joke). and why?
because of our president. she was great. and this year?
well those resume padders opted for the position; our
president resigned because she couldn't handle it and the
vice-president is so inept and whiny that the society has
pretty much fallen apart.

it drives me nuts though. how was our president last year
so much better? how was this year's so inept? was she
dumber this year? less enthusiastic? probably a
combination of the two.

which leads me to the one thing that i can't tell what is
the cause and what is the effect. do people sometimes just
happen upon what is their strong suit? michael jordan was a
pretty mediocre baseball player. would tiger woods excel in
quantum physics? is it mainly just luck that someone finds
their niche? i guess it must be. or is it the reverse?
are people brought up on one subject and thereby become
phenoms. tiger woods was on a tv show at three years of age
swinging a golf club.

and on that subject, how come some people are lazy? how
come everyone isn't out there searching for that one thing
they are great at? are some people literally good for
nothing? can some people just putter along without ever
really having any talent? or are they just wasting
themselves away THINKING that they are good at nothing, but,
if they only got into something, and stuck with it, they'd
be great at it?

i'd like to think its the latter. take jiu jitsu. i've
been practicing for over a half year now and the first 3
months i was horrible. i learned the different moves but
they were just odd pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that didn't fit
together and just got me choked out when i sparred.
but lately, through months and months of practice i've
become a whole shitload better.
well no shit nick, you'll say, practice makes everyone
better. okay, but is there ever a chance that that practice
could bring me to a level of the gracie family? or is it
just something about their mentality that keeps it within
their sole province?

regardless, i think that people undersell the necessity of
practice. practice has the downside of requiring comittment
which is quite hard to muster with the little amount of time
we have in a day. oh well, i guess this topic will always
keep me thinking.