Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-03-31 02:23:17 (UTC)

miss youuu

I miss him!!! shiiiitttttttt. whyyyyyy!?

It would really break my heart to know my parents don't
approve of him. They are such a big part of my life. He's a
good guy. I like him a lot.

I miss him a lot.

I want him home. I want school to be done. I want to have
fun this summer. I want to redo my room/house. Get my
license. Get a job. Have fun without thinking about school.


I should maybe apply this week at that gift store.
I need a job, even if it's just a summer job. I have to save
up for my phone bill and pay for driving school.

OH OH and i might go to italy this summer! ahhh so excited.
I need to get away :) I'm older now. I appreciate traveling
and site seeing. I'll be able to see my grandmother. It's
been 8 years.

I got a text message from jess this morning to go out for
breakfast. I accepted. It was so strange. Me and her are
changing. I can't stand her anymore. She's constantly
nagging her boyfriend! ahhhh! "honey the speed limit is 40"
"honey are you eating me food?". Nahhh naaahh naahhhhh. AH!
I'm not the boyfriend and it bothers me.

She was talking to one of our friends as though I knew what
they were talking about. There's so much that has happened
and me and her haven't catched up? or just dont care to
catch up?

She talks to her new bestfriend. Am I offended? A bit. But
she's more the type of person my bestfriend wants. Which is
fine, because my bestfriend isn't a good person to begin
with. She's very jealous and doesn't know how to be happy
for others.

There's so much I want to get off my shoulders. I don't
have time now. I'm going to get my clothes ready for
tomorrow then read. Night.

Miss you diego :)