Nick's Journal
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2008-03-31 01:03:19 (UTC)

I want the Buxton over-the-shoulder expandable Bag
look at that thing. isn't it absolutely awesome? i mean,
not only can you get all of your cluttered mess into one
organized bag, but it comes with a free digital reminder device!
i can just see myself, walking the town, buxton
over-the-shoulder expandable bag clinging to my waist with
its 22 inch adjustable strap, as i play back my grocery list
to myself, shortly before i get pounded into oblivion for
looking like angela lansbury.

anyhow, while we're on the topic of fashion i'd like to say
that, although clothes don't matter (cough, yeah right) one
piece of clothing has seemed to matter in social settings.
no, it's not the $300 suit i had to buy, nor is it the
snazzy sports jacket i picked up, but instead, it's the
hooded sweatshirt juliann got me for valentine's day.
maybe it's just me, but i've noticed that i am treated
differently, or rather, that people act differently, when i
wear that sweater.
something about the phrase, "school of law", makes people
act differently. like for example, i was at one of the
local drugstores looking to check out with a 20 oz coke,
amongst the mass of people commingling aroudn the counter, i
couldn't seem to find where the line ended or began.
promptly i was called up to the front by one of the cashiers.
"didn't want to keep you waiting there, you look like
someone who knows what he's doing."
school of law sweatshirt!
or at the coffee shop.
"would you care for a concoction consisting of cream and
sugar, or plain?"

the school of law sweatshirt along with the boy next door
haircut. the two are a cold sell. add the fact that i'm
the right color (i.e. white) and i'm golden. now that
latter portion can't be emphasized enough. it's amazing
what a difference the fact that someone is black makes on an
officer of the law.
for example, i remember writing about this a few years back.
i was walking out of a cd store simultaneously with this
black guy. the cd i had bought had not been demagnetized.
as there is always a security guard around he practically
lunged at the black kid (while letting me just walk on by).
i know, i know, i'm starting to sound like barack obama but
i just think about this today because of what happened
friday night.

friday night i was hanging out with some guys from my law
school watching the ncas tournament at a bar. the games
sucked and everyone was fucked up by around 11 at night. so
anyways, while i was there there was also this some what
"thug" looking dude. and by this i mean, he had a gold
chain, a flat brimmed hat to the side, and just overall
looked like he has rims had rims on his car.
so anyways. everyone's clearing out heading to another
place and we happen to leave with that guy (who's with his
girlfriend). now people are doing stupid shit. this one
drunk guy was saying how he wanted to shit by a tree...don't
know why that would be funny.
another guy was actively trying to climb a lamp post, while
a third was trying to throw beer cups that were tied
together over some power he got two beer cups
tied together with a piece of string at a bar is a subject
that is still confusing me.
so anyhow, people are doing stupid shit all over the place
and the black dude and his girl are kind of goading everyone
on (as everyone else was). well inevitably the cops decided
that having people shit next to trees in a city was a bad
idea that needed to be put an end to as soon as possible.
but here's the killer.
they went straight for the black dude!!!

i'm not even joking. they practically made a bee line for
him. and this wasn't just white cops, it was actually quite
diverse, with one asian and one black one in the mix too.
so anyhow, i don't for one second forget how lucky i am in
that respect which is really a shame. your privacy gets
invaded so much i imagine.

speaking of privacy. our apartment building had the
sprinkler system burst, a product of living in a 7,000 year
old building without insulated pipes. anyhow. it got me
thinking about privacy. for two straight days, maintenance
guys would literally walk into my apartment with just a
short knock.
the first time, i was napping with ear plugs in (as our
neighbors decided to hate on each other at 2 in the
afternoon..damn don't they do anything else?) when i came
out of my sleep to the sound (as i was pulling one plug out)
of my door being keyed into.
you can imagine my heart jumping into my throat and two
seconds later i was in only my boxers in front of 3
maintenance guys.
anyhow, so it went on for two days. it was just horrible,
they were so worried that the water would destroy the entire
building that they effectively declared martial law.
privacy is just one of those things you don't cherish until
you realize what a bitch it is when it's no longer available
to you.
you get sort of weird, antagonistic. i mean i really don't
have anything to hide, but i still felt violated, EVEN

i can only imagine how horrible it must be to live in a
state in which that is a real possibility. jesus.