Dirty Fractyl
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2008-03-30 10:11:49 (UTC)

Part of an old song I wrote

"And I wish that I could die
Starin' again
At the walls within my room
Feelin' the pain
Of impending doom
I hold these pills
So tight against my chest
I hold this death
My only left conquest
I shake the bottle
And hear them come alive
I keep my eyes
On the goal for which I strive
I leave no note
Knowing no one cares
I leave no sign
Succomb unto my fears
I close my eyes
And scream into my bed
I close my eyes
And just wait till I am dead
I get down, so down
I can't tell which way out"

It figures I describe it that way. Killing myself through
a pussy ass method, pills. It's very feminine to want to
die that way, peacefully and without trauma to the head,
the kind inflicted by a nice sturdy steel bullet.

I'm way too soft to survive the life I chose.

"Life is a comedy for those who think, and a tragedy for
those who feel."

"The more you know, the less you feel."

So by that logic, knowledge should make life entertaining
and comedic. But it doesn't.

There is a need for balance in the universe. Right and
Wrong. Good and Evil. Sane and Insane.

Why do I want to choose wrong and evil and have to be

Does the mere fact of acknowledging you are insane show
you have enough of a presence of mind to know the
difference, proving you are sane?

That does make sense if you think about it.

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