Drama (swear words included)
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2008-03-28 23:52:12 (UTC)

3/28/08 7:30pm... haha ** I QUIT MY JOB!

So, last week I quit my job... the way I did it ... was so
CLASSIC!! I wish I could have seen the look on their

My boss had been out of town for the entire past week and
Michael had really been giving me a really hard time. On
Monday I came in... and my boss had sent out an email
saying she was 'sick' and wouldn't be in. The Saturday
before a co-worker had told me that her friend of 10 yrs
had OVERHEARD Michael in the 'smoke' room talking shit
about me. ... .. .. SERIOUSLY that was the last thing I
needed to hear at this point... because I already HATED my
job... and by this time I had started babysitting after
work and had QUITE a few jobs already lined up!!

On Monday morning, I came in about 10:15am I called L and
told him that I would probably be home in about 30
minutes. I knew at this point -- at the sight of Michael
coming in... and repeatedly hearing him speak... was
making me want to VOMIT! I QUIETLY packed up my desk,
deleted my files and folders on the computer, emailed my
personal account everything I needed, and typed a short
paragraph to my soon-to-be former boss. I spoke to the
girl across from me... actually I let her read my note so
that she would know. I grabbed my things and left!

I later emailed my friend from work to see if shit had hit
the fan yet... and she said yep, around 10:35 Michael was
asking where you were... ?!?!!! I said,... "Was he
surpriseD?" She said YEP, and so was Elaina when she came
in just a few minutes later!!

I can't tell you how amazing it felt to quit... I mean
working there was so bad for my health... I was so close
to EITHER punching my boss the fuck out... or CUSSING her
out! I didn't know which one was going to happen... and I
just knew 'our' little talks would be happening since she
had been gone for a week. .. .... .. NEEDLESS to say...
I'm about 1000 times happier! Making much MORE $$$
Babysitting and LOVING every minute of it!

I NOW have a family that I regularly babysit for... and
I'm so happy with it!! Everything is going pretty good
with L... we've had a few ups and downs here lately... but
things have gotten a lot better ever since I quit that
shitty ass job.

SO.... thats what has been going on with me...

The note that I left my boss went something like this...

I can't deal with the drama in this corner anymore. Good
luck finding someone who can deal with Michael and his
antics. I think its totally ridiculous that Daniel takes
off or calls in sick at least 1 day a week... and there is
never any discipline or reprimand. Why should the other
help desk analysts have to pick up his slack? Also, I
think you are a good person, but you can not deal with
conflict efficiently. Please don't bother to call I will
not answer. Please have my badge deactivated as I will not
be returning it.

HAHAHAHAH... i felt great.... because the best part was