Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-03-27 23:00:48 (UTC)

i gotta survive one more week...

I thought this would be my last week of classes, then I
could start studying for my exams in april. Unfortunately,
next week i have two more phil. classes, aka "make up
classes". I have 4 days to catch up on my readings and write
my 2 page response. then i can start with psyc. BOOOYA!!

My feelings are like a rollarcoaster. One minute i'm going
for him, then next i'm neutural, then i'm not caring... then
it goes back up again. Ughhh i hate being a girl. Why are
we so indecisive! Gosh!

So he's coming back soon. He's not going to stay longer,
which is good. It really didn't matter to me if he stayed
for a bit more. We aren't committed, so who cares!

So now we can get to business! lol

i honestly can't wait until school is officially over for
me. i forgot how it feels to wake up, go out and enjoy
yourself without thinking you have readings to do. teehehe
i'm so excited that it's going to happen in 3 weeks :D
wait.. 2 and a half weeks!!! yay!

I'm upgrading my cell! It's a Samsung slide. Looks very
cute. However, it recently came out so I don't really know
what people think of it, which frightens me a little bit.
But I didn't really pay for it, which is good. I'm just
hoping it lasts me as long as my current phone has (2 years
and still running).

Alright, i'm really a bit more calm now that i was talking
to him for a bit. I'm going to read :)