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2001-10-09 21:17:22 (UTC)


Ok, for the past 2 days I have been so hungry. Chalk it up
to having my period but oh my God. I eat and then 10 seconds
later I'm starving again. If I keep up at this rate, I'll be
a balloon. And right now I have this intense craving for
McDonalds. I haven't had McDonalds since the summer and man,
I'm wanting some. LOL, if I had any energy at all, I think
I'd walk down the street and get me some but I'mn still
suffering from that as well. Damn! LOL, I'll be like Joey
Fatone, "a lazy, fat bum".
Oh and Canada joined in on the war against terrorism.
Lovely. Call us the U.S. Junior. That's all I have to say
about that or I'll go on another patriotic tirade.
Lance and Joey were on the Rosie O'Donnell Show today.
How cute was that?! Of course it would have been better if
another member (cough cough JC) was there, but it's all
good. Lance and Joey are promoting their new movie. Debuting
Oct 26- shameless plug. And Joey was talking about his baby
Brianna, it was cute. He looks likes he'd be a good dad. Of
course he's on the road a lot of the time, but nevertheless.
Hey, it's my "baby bro's" birthday today! He's 21. I
almost can't even begin to comprehend that. Wow! He drove me
home the other night too and I was still amazed how much
that boy can make me laugh. I swear he is THE person on this
earth that can make me laugh the hardest. Even if there's
nothing funny. I love you babe, happy birthday!
K, that's enough. My stomach is about to eat itself so I
better soon go remedy that. Later!

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