Desitiny's dreams
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2008-03-23 21:14:28 (UTC)


everyday there seems to be that one person that really
pisses you off and well over the last couple of weeks the
one person that has been pissing me off is the one person i
love... the other day well actually it was about a week ago
we go to the restruant that we usually go to and sit down
remember i was in a bad mood to start off with... well
anyways he texts me 'DO YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX TONITE'
knowing that im in a bad mood and mad at him for the stupid
shit he pulled the week of course i said NO im
not in the mood tonite... well that didnt work with him he
pouted the entire nite and then asks again and the answer
was the same....well all this happened last ummmmmmmmmm
last tuesday and guess what i havent seen or talked to him
since... so what i need is some advice as to what to do...
im soooooooooo lost with this whole situation


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