Random (boring) Thoughts
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2008-03-21 03:53:00 (UTC)

Al DiVirgilio Gets Things Done

Al DiVirgilio was the mayor of my hometown of Lynn, MA.
That was his slogan when he was running for reelection in
the early 90s. It was rather ironic because that year the
city was renovating my elementary school. It was so far
behind schedule that we weren't allowed to start school
until October that year.

I mention this only because it's a great lead into the
topic of not getting things done (and because I think it's
funny, but I'm weird like that).

Anyway, my Mom recently purchased a self-help book for my
grandmother. My grandmother is battling some mild
depression these days, and she has trouble staying on task
and getting things done.

The book itself is titled something like "50 strategies
for Dealing With Depression," and it basically teaches you
how to finish the tasks that you start. It contains
information on setting priorities, dealing with your
feelings, and following through with projects.

While it's certainly well-intentioned, there's just one
problem with the book; it's 255 pages long! Thus, if you
have problems following through with things (and if you
don't, why the hell did you buy the book), you're probably
not going to finish it!

I really don't think the author thought this one out very
well. You'd think they could be a bit more sensitive and
organize the book into an easy-to-read pamphlet or
something. Otherwise, it's really not going to help many

Shortly after seeing the book, I remarked to my mother, "I
hope the first chapter contains strategies for following
through reading the rest of this book. Otherwise, Grandma
is pretty much screwed."