I Debbie...
2008-03-19 22:25:45 (UTC)

Ode to an Irish KSU fan

This is for one who thinks
That her big pile of shit don't stink.

For if she could deal
The crap that is real,:
She might find her color turns pink!

Damn I do really good rhyming when I am pissed.

Lets try it again.

This is for the one up there
Who thinks she is fairer than fair

Her voice is on mute,
Her soul in disrepute:
So away with her lack of care.

Can we go for three?

Her heart made of purple
her clothing of green

From the depths of her attitude
I arrive, strangely cleansed and serene.

I now know she is as fickle
as a a whore in heat,

And I know with my intellect
I am much quicker on my feet.

But one thing I doubt
that causes me some concern,

What other words I have uttered
will come back on me to burn.

Only time will tell if she will grow,
or if my intuition's truth will show.

So Have At It
I Debbie