Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2008-03-17 04:46:38 (UTC)


I can't sleep.

Before sleeping I think. I think about everything.

I realized something that i needed to write in here before i
forget in the morning. I've realized the more we converse
with different kinds of people the more we see what life has
to offer. There's soooo much to do and I feel like I don't
have enough time to do it. There's jobs, places, things to
do. But, when will I do it? I don't know. It doesn't need to
be answered. I have my whole life. Right? Yes.

I've realized something else about myself. (damn I did a lot
of thinking within 20 mins) I always have a drive towards
something. With the attitude that nothing will ever stop me
for getting it. But then it dies. Why does this happen?
That's why whenever I want something sooo bad, it slips
through my fingers?

I was thinking about how I really want a job at the
bookstore. I've always liked reading. When I'm in the
bookstore I'm like a kid at the candy store. My eyes are
wide open and my hands are grab everybook insight! But
there's only so many books I look at at once! hahaha I
remember when I was a little kid, no older then 7, I asked
my mother if we could go to the library every rainy day.
Never happened. That's ok though, I still have that passion
to read. I want to read a lot this summer. I want to have a
library room in my house when I'm older :) With a big window
that lets in the beautiful natural sun light and a big comfy

That's all I wanted to write about. I should get back to sleep.

P.S - I wish their was an easy way to have a personal
private diary. But this will do :)