Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2008-03-16 16:23:47 (UTC)

Sunday Morning!

Good Sunday Morning!

Today I'm feeling determined. I'm going to clean up my room
and start reading. I'm so behind in my reading. Ugh, what
else is new.

Anyways, I spoke to my little friend yesterday and we had a
pretty interesting conversation:
Me: its nothing bad, lol... i just want us to talk before

Him::: nooo i know now! lol

Him::: im just use to the whole downfall thing happening to
me.. i wasnt surprised if the talk was something bad.. i was
just reasussring myself lol

Me: to be honest with you, im actually excited to see what
happens between us. i've never been with someone who knew me
or that I knew so well.. so, i know what you mean when u say
that it worried you... i know ur history and you know mine.

Him:::: lol wow i cant believe you just said that.. your
actually incredible.. your so understanding.. you know me so
well.. and believe me.. im really excited to be with you.. i
dont doubt for a second its gonna be incredible

hahaha.. isn't that so sweet. I can't wait until he comes
back from vacation.

Moving on...
I'm thinking of taking the summer off and just relaxing. I'm
getting really sick of school. I need a break.
I want to just work on my room and little things I've been
putting off like fixing my photo albums, closet, rearrange
my room and such. We'll see!