Goodnight, Starlight.

2008-03-15 23:52:26 (UTC)


dear internet:

fix your self into a working form that would suit my
lifestyle a bit better.

love always,

hey self.

its march 15th? yeah, the 15th. so much is happening this
month/has happened this month.

we are just getting over march break which is awesome, im
pumped for school but at the same time i like the time to
myself. i;ve always enjoyed a lot of time to myself.
don't get me wrong, i love being with people i love, but
times on my own are also the best times.

this march break i've been fairly sick. ive not eaten very
much because of a loss of appetite.. i threw up the other
morning and that sucked. ive also got the shits. yep.
great. its not so much anymore because ive barely eaten so
i have nothing to excrete out of my bum. id like to have a
proper meal again, oh how i long for this!

i go back to school monday for 4 days, and then we have
friday and monday off because of easter... awesome.

sabrina comes on fridauy the 21st which is exciting. i
havent seen her since the end of june last year so it
should be much fun!

thursday the 27th liam is coming and then on the 29th
we're off to cuba for a week. i'll probably update myself
after that as to how that went, it should be a good time.
i havent seen liam since sept 17th so i'm quite excited.
march is a month of old friends! its awesome!

i am so hungry.. but eating just isnt an option.

ive been worried that i feel so physically ill because
maybe my body has gone into starvation mode and i just
feel ill from that, or my stomach is really actually sick.
its hard to tell because it's such a feeling i have never
experienced before! oh well, we'll see how she goes.

anyway, im done. im going to go sit and watch the hills
season 1 download in utorrent until its done. staring.

goodnight lover.