The life and times
2001-10-09 21:15:16 (UTC)

I hate dating!

Ok so I make a pie for a girl, and she doesnt show up for
class today. She has missed a lot of class before this but
now I am thinking she is avoiding me big time. The more
times I fuck things up for trying to do something nice, the
more I think that if my happiness and procreation of the
species didnt depend on it, I would say to hell with
dating. Its too fuckin complicated. You either go out with
a girl one time and discover that you have no romantic
interest in them whatsoever and they still pressure you for
a commitment, or you meet someone that you really like and
they are dating the most pathetic asshole on the face of
the planet. I try really hard but I cannot understand
people, especially women. If men had a vagina,breasts and
were soft to the touch, I would be gay,maybe then I would
understand them, thought I dont now so maybe men with a
vagina isnt such a good thing. I am just sick of it. If any
nice girls out there are reading this please feel free to
contact me.I hate internet relationships but hey at least I
dont have to worry about making a fucking cake!