eirun's story
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2008-03-09 18:31:35 (UTC)

guess where i am now

guess where..
still 150cm short, teeth no longer braced and retainers no
longer worn..
no longer sleeping properly..
no longer washing face properly..
no longer brushing teeth properly..
no longer waiting for garcon's stupid calls..
no longer single..
no longer walking to the lrt station..
no longer the youngest in the family..
no longer in the center of attention..
no longer just a sister..

i have a bed made out of a swirl chair and a pedestal on
which i lay a mini comforter so my body wont hurt so much..

i hav to say, no matter how much laughs i manage to issue
every single day nowadays.. anyone can question if im
actually living a good life or a bad life..

i hav to add, the perfect word to describe would be an
unnatural, sleepless life..

i hav to shamelessly say, that i"m only doing this for my
parents coz they wont let me do what i applied for..

i hav to say that i look into the mirror for 5 minutes now
before going out of my hostel room..

i hav to say now.. that my skin is dry from the cold dry
air i live in 24-7..

i hav to say, though, .. that i'm not even abroad..

these are just hints of where i stand in life right now..

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