kiss_of _death
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2008-03-06 06:48:11 (UTC)

I know i haven t lived along..

I know i haven't lived along life. I know that to some
people I'm still a child, but i have lernd stuff about the
world and i have aquired some sort of wisdom. As a wise
man ones told me "when we are born, to the time we are 12
are parents define how we are, from the time we are 12 to
the time we are arond 20 are pears define how we are, but
we are neather. We are who God tells us to be." now even
no relijuse people can relat to this, maybe not the God
part, but the base of it. Right now i'm trying to find out
who i realy am. I will admit as much a i clame to be a
Chriten, i do not act it at all. You might say I'm a lost
Sheep. Though that done not mean I don't talk to god, or
that i do not beleve his exsestents, but rather I'm
finding my religone an inconvece. Though i know, for
thoughs that are good hearted Christens, that thats no
excuse. I treat God rather like i would treat a father,
witch has its bad and good sides. For exsample, like my
Father I will love him, respect him, lison to his advice,
talk to him and tell him the good and bad things of my
day, and i will thank him when he duse somthing good for
me. Thoughs are all the good things that we will do with
are dad, but there is sadly "a bad" part of a relation
ship with your dad(father), you might be wondering why
have put a bad in quotion marks, only to show that not all
of it i'm shere is bad. So like a father and his doughter
I will disobay him, I will be mad at him, I will chaleng
his opione, and I will rebel. Now you religuse fock are
probly thinking well of corse thats bad, and you none
relguse fock are probly say good for you. I'm neather
agreeing or disageeing with eather party only showing the
comparsent to the way I would treat my Father.

I need to say that peace just to shouw my relations ship
with my father as well as my God. To add to that i have
been to Chruch Ever week sins i was born and for one year
lamost every day. Untill this year of witch i go to church
maybe ones and a wile and not alway to that Catholic
Chruch, not cuse i do not agree with the tachings, but the
inconvese of going to chruch alone.

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