Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2008-03-05 01:26:56 (UTC)

people & the games they play

I met some, people, through a friend, and it's nice coming
to ottawa this time around, I'm still reeling from all the
bullshit drama, I'm fucking getting nosebleeds from all the
stress, it's fucking insane. I feel like shit, I look like
shit. I might be able to crash on the Christians couch, hah,
they're waiting til they get married before they have sex,
bet that ends in tears for them.

I give it 5 years before one of them, probably him, cheats
on her, she's a bit of a, well, she's not thin, and yes,
it's a horrible thing to say, but, really, once he realizes
that he's better looking than she is, and will get more sex
out of women instead of being a shut in christian, he'll
cheat on her. Unfortunate. But a truism, people do that all
the time. This will be no different.

Well. I was going to crash on thier couch, but they played
this passive agressive "hey tim you should feel privilaged
to stay with us" bullshit. I'm like.. no, fuck off. I'm a
little bitter actually, but hey, shit happens.