Nick's Journal
2008-03-03 00:11:54 (UTC)

Hold on let me get this

i need to write about stuff other than whether or not
reputation evidence should be admissible or not (this
pre-trial motion brief is driving me insane!!!).

so i was just out in the hallway unable to escape
socializing with a fellow law student when i was treated to
what i believe is the most annoying aspect of forced
the "talk-away".
the talk-away is simply this. you're there, you're chatting
it up with a fellow classmate about how retarded pre-trial
motion briefs are, your conversations getting to a good flow
as you've gotten past the awkward "do you even have time to
talk to me stage" when, all of a sudden, an acquaintance of
the person whom you are speaking with walks by.
now, instead of being polite and giving casual
acknowledgment (for example a smile in the direction of the
walking acquaintance) the person with whom you are speaking
with does a full turn and starts a semi-pseudo conversation
which usually consists of nothing more than banal banter.

i've been in situations where i've been the snubbed talker
and the accosted walker. when i'm the talker i feel really
annoyed because i think it's disrespectful (oh yeah, i'm 26
and i'm already talking about respect...wait till i'm 36!),
when i'm the walker i feel sort of apologetic to the other
person and just want to get away.
all of this is merely a product of an environment that
prides itself with "networking". god forbid the
acquaintance who passes by is led to believe that your
sycophantic behavior can only be directed towards one
target, oh no, the range and depth of such pleasantries
surpass any conventional form of respect or conversational

really it's along the lines of the "hold on let me get this"
situation in an office. if you've ever been in an interview
in which the interviewor stops your interview to get a phone
call you know you're not doing very well.
i always wonder about answering phones when someone talks to
me at work. i mean, what i would normally do at my work is
hit the mute button when an attorney came in with anything.
i just figured it was the more respectful thing to do (awh
i used respect again!).

anyhow, it's just sort of annoying. i mean i know that
friendship are all about strengthening alliances in the real
world or some primeval shit like that, but come on, you
don't have to make it that obvious.