Nick's Journal
2008-03-02 23:31:46 (UTC)

Second Super Tuesday

this upcoming tuesday will be a special time for america.
it will be the day that the hopes and dreams of one man
while either come true and vindicate his dogged pursuit of
happiness, or it will all come crashing down and the less
worthy candidate will barrel on through.
yes, that's right my big interview is coming up this
tuesday. and i swear to god if kyle "guy who made fun of
our teacher who has parkinsons" gets the job i'm going to go

but enough of that. lets get to what we really care about.
who do i want to have as my next president of the u.s.a?
as if it weren't special enough that this is the first
election i can vote in, i am treated to a race that actually
between hillary and obama i defiintely like obama. and if
i'm looking at this from a liberal perspective, why would
anyone want clinton over obama? it doesn't make any sense
to me.
there are two arguments for clinton:
1) she has experience
2) she's already aired all of her dirty laundry and even if
she hasn't...we damn well know that she can deal with any
but the thing is, how is that really a good reason? they're
stances on issues are almost painstakingly similar to the
point where clinton is losing her god-damned mind about the
fact that obama won't mandate health care coverage for ALL
people (on a side note i think obama's is more sensible).
in short, on the issues this isn't really a race...this is
all about personality and clinton loses that battle

see that's the thing about obama, he's jsut charismatic.
not the folksy sorta "i'm a moron who doesn't know anything
about foreign policy but i believe there's a supernatural
being in the sky" mike huckabee friendly, but more of the
"i'm just a nice guy who hasn't been skull-fucked by the
political process yet so i can say i'm optimistic and still
sound genuine," kind of nice.
and one thing that is kind of exasperating is those losers
who whine about how americans only pick the "good-looking"
ones for president. specificially the onions satire on how
the guy who's the best president wouldn't be elected cos he
has asymmetrical eyebrows.
granted that that specifially is too superficial, if you
really take into account what this "superficiality" really
consists of it doesn't look that bad.

in my opinion mitt romney was BY FAR the most qualified
candidate. he is highly intelligent, has executive
experience, and can actually deal with economic issues. the
problem? well two-fold.
1) is the overall bigotry people portray for the mormon
faith. christ, get over yourselves people, at least he's
not quoting scripture like huckabee
2) he's a dick.
man after seeing a few debates of this guy sardonically
smiling down on ron paul whenever he was talking i couldn't
take him anymore. he just seemed like a straight up
asshole. and that's what clinton looks like. and that's
what giuliani looks like. i mean, the american people jsut
don't want assholes becoming president. (i knkow, i know
here come those one-sided diatribes on president bush...lame!).

so when it comes down to it we just want a guy who will make
us believe. i'm the most cynical person i can think of when
it comes to the political process but obama is doing the
unbelievable in making me believe in him.
its' like i'm head over heels in a relationship with this
guy. nevermind that his economic policies are ridiculously
destructive (the freedom tax on business...christ!) or that
he is the most liberal senator.

so that's where i'm at. if it comes down to mccain or obama
its' going to be one of the hardest choices for me. mccain
stands where i stand on most issues (well not the war and a
good amount of social ones, but the most important - the
economy he does); but he's just nothing to obama in
oratorical skills or anything of that nature.
plus the thing with mccain is this. i feel if he gets
elected, nothing will really change. (oh no i used that
damned word!!! argh!!!).
but with obama i belive that shit will change. or if it
doesn't he's gonna be fucked. or more correctly, if he
can't instigate change then this country is fucked.
i guess on the one hand it looks like style of substance,
but the thing is that i don't buy into all of these
accussations that obama is all talk. he seems to lay out
quite specific resolutions at times.

all in all i like huckabee's personality the best. i just
wish he weren't so god-damned crazy (literally). if
somehow, romney could have gotten huckabee's folksy charm
and the bigotry against mormonism would have receded that
would have been the best presidential candidate no doubt.

but for now i have to decide between a woman who seems to be
slowly melting down on live tv. seriously how many
different personalities have we seen from clinton? HI I'M
to mccain, who i just can't gauge anymore other than what tells me. he seems hard to read. sometimes
i can't tell that he even wants to be in this race.
and finally obama. the guy who's been attacked, berated,
but still seems optimistic.

even though his issues are contrary to mine i think i might
just through rationale in the wind and hope that change
blows my way. as oppossed to a whole bunch of fucked up
shit. man i really don't know whom to vote for yet. i
guess i got time.