2008-02-28 07:20:25 (UTC)

Why would I be upset? I m very..

Why would I be upset? I'm very happy to hear about your
little girl. And congradulations! Jealous maybe... not
upset though. I'm glad things are finally looking good for
you. I'm doing fantastic and Grimmy and I are great. We
just moved into a bigger place and upped our zoo lol.. 17
animals... O_ I guess we really don't need kids with all
those pets. Anyways... I'm going to a specilist atm to try
and find out WHY for the love of god I'm not pregnate.
Statistically after 4 months someone who is my age should
be pregnate after being off of birth control for 3 months.
Sooo obviously sooooomething is wrong.. just gotta find
out what it is.
I hope to hear from you more.. I can't get on any
messangers right now since I don't have my normal phone. :(
But I've been check things quite regularly so I'll post
something again if anything actually happens, or if you
leave me a msg.

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